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The staff is so great here. Every apartment I have lived in has their fair share of issues as most everywhere does, but the staff manages this place so well and gets things done while still having a smile on their face during rough times. I appreciate being taken care of a resident and feeling like I matter. Feels nice compared to my past experiences.


The girls in the office at Village on Main are so sweet and friendly! They seem to really care about their residents and do the best they can to make everyone satisfied with their homes, which is quite hard to find these days. It is a safe welcoming environment and i think anybody would enjoy what they have to offer!


I love living here! The staff is always super helpful and kind and the apartments themselves are great for the price.


By far the best apartment complex I've lived in. Jessi and Abby are super nice and friendly. Some of the tennants are discourteous, like smoke smell or garbage bags left in the hallway, but that's the price you pay for an interior breezeway. The tradeoff is that our heating bills are always super low.


I moved in from out of state and I was very unfamiliar with the local area. I lived in the apartments almost 3 years and I never had a problem with the apartment management staff. I did have a few maintenance issues that were resolved quickly. Very quite, clean, and safe. I love the location and the staff would bend over backwards to help with anything!


I love how the building is secure at night and you need a card ( like a hotel) to gain access. Very safe!! My elderly mother visited me from time to time and with being on the road with my job...it was nice knowing that she was safe and if she needed anything, the staff was there to help. I have lived in many apartments over the years because of my job and this one is by far one of my favorites! I love it here at Village on Main Street. The staff is always friendly and they sincerely care about the residents. They have large and spacious bathrooms and walk in closets and stay super quiet!! They are in a great location close to lots of eating and shopping so you don't have to drive far. The maintenance and management are super friendly and get everything done right away. They always call to make sure that things are getting done and to ask if we need anything else fixed. They deliver reminders and fliers to all the doors to make us aware of what is going on around the property especially when there are any issues. I love living here and would recommend anyone to live here. Great view! Great Location! Great set-up!


We lived here for 3 months. They were one of the few apartments that did a short term lease. I have no complaints about the management or the property. It was nice having a weight room close by to go exercise in and a playground downstairs for my kids to play on. I did find it odd when they closed the hot tub for the last 2 months I was there due to "Resident misuse". Odd to punish all residents due one or twos actions. But I can't complain because I never took the time to use it. One complaint that isn't the companies fault, the water was so hard you could have paved a street with it. I had to mix it with things to make it drinkable, and it clogged our shower head twice in the short time we lived there.



Village on Main Street is committed to service and resolving any resident concerns and/or issues. With that said @lori yahoo, please contact me if you feel that there are issues that I need to address. I am aware that the water pressure is a current ongoing issue. I assure you that it is at the top of my list. I took over the property in December 2015 and we have had the city come out twice to see about the water pressure and currently have a water softening system that is working it's way through the building. Unfortunately this takes some time to do so as it needs to break down some of the calcium build up that has built up over the years. Bountiful has hard water and unfortunately that isn't something that we are able to work around but are working on a solution to give you all better water pressure in the next few months. I understand your frustration but please know that we are working towards a solution. The outdoor pool is currently closed as is the hot tub. The outdoor hot tub is year round but I've had my guys close it and make some repairs and get it to a point that I feel is safe for our residents. I can work with him to have this open in the next few weeks. The indoor pool and hot tub are both up and running and clean. If there are any concerns with it please let me know and we will address them. @Christy Beem I apologize that your experience here at Village on Main was not one that you were happy with. I believe we have great residents here! I ensure that all residents that are going to move in above the gym and daycare are informed of what their residency will entail. We have enforced the pet policy more strictly to abide by our pet rules of not having any dogs off leash and to clean up after their animals. All of our amenities are working with the exception of the outdoor hot tub. We do have separate amenities for each side of our property. Our Senior community has the indoor pool and our Conventional community has the outdoor pool and they are kept separate. We value all input, questions, suggestions and concern from our residents and encourage residents to come to our office to address anything that they would like. We have an open door policy and I'm more than happy to sit with anyone that would like to discuss anything. Thank you, Village on Main Street


I love this place. It is clean, well managed, and the apartments are beautiful. Marissa is AWESOME. She is very friendly and helpful. I see there are some reviews that are less than kind. But I have never seen a cleaner garbage area, the elevators are well maintained and clean. The whole village is clean, and the security gives me and my family peace of mind. Of course there will be a few people who are slobs, but that is to be expected. And there will always be haters, but I have lived in several complexes across Salt Lake and Davis County. This is by far the best managed and cleanest!!! I have no plans on leaving anytime soon!